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Layby Your Holiday: How Does it Work?

When planning for a holiday, not all of us are cash rich to be able to purchase a great deal upfront. But we also know that deals, specially the really good ones, have a limited av
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What You Need to Know About Travel Insurance

As a full travel solutions provider, getting questions (and lots of them) is part of our daily activities. When it comes to Travel Insurance, we thought it would suit our clients b
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6 Interesting Things About Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka made it to Lonely Planet’s #1 Country (Best in Travel) to visit in 2019 and for good reasons. We list down six interesting things you probably did not know about Sri La
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10 Japanese Bites

Heading to Japan this month? While it may not be as popular a destination during their summers as it is during the spring (no thanks to the generally hot and humid temperatures  t
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5 Reasons You Need a Travel Organizer

If you are travelling and have an emergency—a flight is delayed which means you need to move the rest of your itinerary in order to check in, freshen up, and join a tour—who is
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Qantas Frequent Flyer Changes

Qantas have this morning announced some "enhancements" to their Frequent Flyer program. In a nutshell the enhancements are: More Seats. Less Fees. More Choice. New Rewards. Bet
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Top Tips For Travelling With Children

Travelling with children can be incredibly fun and rewarding, and will create wonderful memories for your family that will last a lifetime. But there’s no doubt that a holiday wi
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Five Reasons To Consider A Guided Tour Package

Many travellers are familiar with all-inclusive resort holidays, where your booking includes your hotel, meals, drinks and perhaps an excursion or two. But if you’re a more adven
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Travel Memories Last The Life Time

If anyone asked me about the memories that stand out for me this year, it's unlikely that I would say "that long day I worked in the office" or "the trip to the supermarket". Inste
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