5 Reasons You Need a Travel Organizer

If you are travelling and have an emergency—a flight is delayed which means you need to move the rest of your itinerary in order to check in, freshen up, and join a tour—who is your point of contact?

In the internet age, a travel organizer might seem about as useful as phone applications that let you scour dozens of websites. However, having a travel organizer means you have a single point of contact for any travel changes or even emergencies; a travel organizer can be the difference between having an enjoyable, stress-free holiday and it being a nightmare.

Besides taking the stress out of your hands when things do not happen your way, here are the top reasons why you need a travel organizer:

      1. A travel organizer saves you your most valuable resource—time. You do not need to check multiple websites and read different reviews. If you work with a travel organizer, you just provide the specifications of your flights, hotel choices, activities etc. and they will work everything out for you.
      2. A travel organizer wants you be happy with your purchase. It is to a travel organizer’s best interest to not rip you off because a happy client means regular, recurring business.
      3. A travel organizer knows your itinerary to the detail and is your advocate in getting the best value for your money. A travel organizer knows exactly which product is best in a destination as they know the specialization of the local suppliers. They have the resources and the knowledge to get you the best price for the level of service you want and deserve.
      4. A travel organizer gets acquainted with your personal—and family—travel history and therefore, travel preferences. Think of a travel organizer like your family doctor. Through time, you develop a relationship where you no longer have to inform them you prefer an aisle seat, or that your son is vegan, and that granny is gluten-free. Which brings us to,
      5.  A travel organizer can custom-make experiences for you that no one else can. A travel organizer not only has the connections to get those tickets you wanted, or that table with a view, but as they are like your personal shopper, they are able to recommend experiences that are suited to you.  


  1. Your Star Flights travel organizer tick off all these points. Ultimately, we provide you the confidence that your interests are looked after as there are no do-overs for a holiday ruined because of the little money you saved from doing everything yourself.

    Planning for a trip? Get in touch with us today and enjoy first hand the Star Flights service guarantee.

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