Five Reasons To Consider A Guided Tour Package

Many travellers are familiar with all-inclusive resort holidays, where your booking includes your hotel, meals, drinks and perhaps an excursion or two. But if you’re a more adventurous type and don’t fancy lying by the pool for days on end, but you still want the ease and convenience of an inclusive holiday, you should consider booking a guided tour package. Here’s why:

  1. It’s quick and easy to book a whole trip, saving you hours or days of research, comparison and booking. Instead, you can relax knowing that your time away will be spent visiting carefully selected destinations and attractions, and all your transport, hotels and even many meals are organised for you. Letting someone else do the hard work is the best way to enjoy a holiday!
  2. Because your trip is planned by a professional, your time will be maximised, letting you get the most from your holiday and ensuring you don’t miss any of the key spots. On self-planned trips you risk bypassing important sightseeing spots or activities due to lack of knowledge or disorganisation. Avoid that risk by letting an experienced travel agent make plans for you.
  3. Travelling with a tour group also makes you feel safer while you’re travelling. While solo travelling is usually perfectly safe, you’ll feel more comfortable, especially when heading out at night, if you’re with a group of people. It gives you extra pairs of eyes in places where pickpockets are common, and experienced guides will know the safest routes.
  4. And of course, if you’re with a group of like-minded travellers, you’re bound to make new friends. Whether you travel alone or with a partner or friend, you’ll enjoy your trip even more with extra people to share the experience with. Added bonus: you’ll always have someone to take a photo of you for your holiday album!
  5. You get great value when you bundle your holiday. Booking your whole guided tour package all together gives you discounts on accommodation, activities, transport and even meals, meaning you get more travel bang for your buck. Also, when your whole trip is pre-paid, it makes it easier to stick to a budget and avoid nasty financial surprises.

If you think a guided tour package might be what you want for your next holiday, get in touch with us  (Contact Us) and we’ll find your perfect trip!

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