Layby Your Holiday: How Does it Work?

When planning for a holiday, not all of us are cash rich to be able to purchase a great deal upfront. But we also know that deals, specially the really good ones, have a limited availability. So at Star Flights, we want to enable you to book that great deal before it runs out. How do we do this? By offering you our lay by option.

With the lay by option, you are able to lock in the best price and early bird offers. By completing  a partial tranche of the whole cost of your travel, you are able to save hundreds or even thousands specially when holidaying as a family since it will allow you to purchase that deal now, before it sells out. Furthermore, using the lay by option does not alter the fine print of the deal.

So why does lay by make sense?

Easier on the wallet. Through this option, you can better manage your family holidays costs easier by opting for the payment plan that is easiest for you. Just by completing the first payment, you are able to confirm your total holiday booking cost. This booking cost can cover flights, hotels, tours and transfers.

You do not miss out on great deals. It is a great option when you are ready to lock in the deal that saves you hundreds of dollars but have some other expenses to settle. With lay by, you can book your future holiday now, and pay in installments.

Enjoy interest-free payments. Availing the lay by option not only means locking the best deals now, it also means interest-free payments of up to 10 months.

How to Avail Lay by in 5 Easy Steps:

1. Get a quote on your holiday/trip (flights, hotels, tours, airport transfers, and other add-ons) and once you are happy with it, accept the quote.

2. You complete a lay by application form and send it to us.

3. We process your application and process your first installment.

4. We confirm your travel bookings including all the limited deals.

5. After your final installment has been paid and verified, we will then release your complete travel documents.

Ready to see more of the world? Ask us for a no-obligation, free quote and determine if you can lay by your holidays today.

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