Top Tips For Travelling With Children

Travelling with children can be incredibly fun and rewarding, and will create wonderful memories for your family that will last a lifetime. But there’s no doubt that a holiday with little ones comes with extra stresses and responsibilities.

Here, our resident travel expert shares a few of her top tips for enjoying a trip with children.

Pack carefully

No doubt you’re well-versed in packing day bags for babies and toddlers, and travelling is really just an extension of that. Make a list of everything you’ll need or want: nappies, the blanky, medicine, formula and wet wipes. Always pack wet wipes. Plan for every possible circumstance! Find out if any of what you’ll need is available at your destination, to cut down what you need to pack.

Let older ones help by having them research your destination and make a list of what they’ll need. Let them have fun with the planning process, but remember you have the last word in what goes in the suitcase. You don’t want to end up carrying their unnecessary extras, or buying any essentials they’ve forgotten.

Think about food

If you’re travelling somewhere exotic, fussy little eaters may struggle with the local cuisine. You’ll usually be able to find something they like, but it will help to have a small stash of something from home you know they’ll eat. Opt for things that won’t get crushed, leak or go off, like muesli bars, nuts or sweets for emergencies.

Plan your activities

It’s hard to find an activity that keeps everyone happy – especially if you have children across a range of ages – but it’s possible! Safaris, snorkelling and other interactive experiences are all good options to entertain the whole family, but with a bit of creativity you can turn any activity into a kid-friendly one. Make a city tour into a scavenger hunt or bingo game, or give kids disposable cameras to snap their own photos on long walks. If all else fails, compromise: good behaviour at the museum in the morning earns them a trip to a theme park in the afternoon. Let your travel agent help you plan the perfect mix of activities.

Consider your accommodation

A trendy, inner-city boutique hotel might be your first choice, but it may not be the best pick for the kids. A hotel with a pool will let them blow off steam while you relax with a book, and many resorts even have kids’ clubs that will let you have a real break. For older ones, you may want to book adjoining rooms to give them their own space, and if you have little ones, check in advance that your hotel has cots you can set up in your room.


Allow plenty of time in case of messes, tantrums or lost items, but also to give kids time to experience the wonder of a new place. They’ll be fascinated by everything, and their approach will remind you to enjoy every minute of your trip!

If you are travelling with kids then get in touch with us  (Contact Us) and we’ll find your perfect trip!

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