Travel Memories Last The Life Time

If anyone asked me about the memories that stand out for me this year, it’s unlikely that I would say “that long day I worked in the office” or “the trip to the supermarket”. Instead, I would say, “that long day I spent exploring Tokyo”, or “the  trip to Konpira shrine in Shikoku”.

Our day-to-day experiences are forgettable, partly because they are rarely interesting or exciting, and partly because we do them largely on autopilot.

Travel is the best way to create lasting, precious memories. It takes us out of our comfort zone, engages all five senses and gives us experiences to remember for a lifetime. That’s not something you can say about buying a new handbag or smartphone or expensive wine.

As I write this, I’m on a Shinkansen train speeding up the length of Japan. Unlike my daily train ride into Sydney city for work, this is a ride I will remember. Out the window I can see rice fields blurring into high rises and the occasional glimpse of the coast. Smartly dressed train staff in neat caps bow as they enter and exit the carriage.

In Shiga prefecture, I stayed in a traditional Japanese inn, where I bathed in natural hot spring water overlooking Lake Biwa and slept on futon laid on tatami mats – a departure from my everyday bedtime routine, and one I will think back to when I’m home and taking an ordinary shower.

Last night I wandered the streets of Kobe hunting for a late-night meal, which I eventually found in a bright and cheerful izakaya in a narrow alley where men in headbands brought me raw fish and tempura mochi. Certainly a meal I’ll remember more than my last Menulog!

This is one of the greatest things about travel. As much as you enjoy the experience at the time, your journey will leave you with memories you can enjoy for the rest of your life. I would say that makes travel more valuable than anything else you can spend your money on.

So if you’re thinking about taking a trip, I would always say do it! The memories will last long after your holiday tan has faded.

If you want to create long lasting memories then get in touch with us (Contact Us) and we’ll find your perfect trip!

Experience you enjoy!
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