What You Need to Know About Travel Insurance

As a full travel solutions provider, getting questions (and lots of them) is part of our daily activities. When it comes to Travel Insurance, we thought it would suit our clients better if we rounded up the most frequently asked questions in order to facilitate your decision-making process.

‘Do I really need travel insurance?’

This perhaps is one of the most commonly asked questions in the travel world.

There is no hard and fast rule on the subject. To be perfectly honest, it depends on what kind of a traveler you are, how much you value your peace of mind, and how much you think your life and limb are. Answer to these considerations will bring you the conclusion unique to you. If you are smart about travel which is a sizeable expense for most people, the cost of the right insurance is worth it. The better question to ask is: ‘What kind of cover do I need?’

“I have a credit card that has free travel insurance. Do I still need it?”

When it comes to free travel insurance that comes with a credit card, most often than not, it is very basic. There is also a pretty good chance that it does not cover what you actually need. So even if you got it for free, it is not going to help you if it does not provide the level of coverage you need. So the first thing to do is to contact your credit card provider and ask for two things: is the free travel insurance already activated and if it is, ask for the PDS. A PDS is the Product Disclosure Statement and in an insurance context, it is sometimes referred to as the Policy Document. The PDS outlines the coverage of the free travel insurance. A few points to look for:

Once you know, the better question to ask is: ‘Does this free travel insurance match my requirements?’ If it does not, then we usually get the next question.

‘How much should I spend on travel insurance?’

As a general rule, all travel insurance is only a fraction of your total travel cost. If the money you’re spending on a trip is more than you can comfortably lose, then spending a tiny bit more to cover it from the time you booked to the time you are back is definitely worth it. The better question is: ‘Does Travel Insurance match my requirements?’

Contact us so we can provide you some tailor-made options. If you work with us, we can give you a breakdown of each level of coverage so you can choose which ones are important to you. As a highly-rate travel organizer, we want you to be a long-time client and will not risk this relationship by selling you what you do not want and need.

Ultimately, we recommend you make a decision on the level of cover you need. It is important to make a decision not on the cost but on the coverage that suits your needs/requirements. Cheap travel insurance is not going to help you if it does not provide the level of coverage you need.

Read through everything before you buy. Get yourself familiar with the PDS as there are many loopholes in some insurance packages.

Going on a trip? Ask us for a no-obligation, free quote.


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