4 Reasons to Fly Economy
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It is true that economy class gets a lot of hate, but most people are still flying coach. In an air passenger market analysis last year, it has seen an increase in global passenger traffic in 2022 with demand in premium and economy recovering quite well. People are flying and many are still flying economy. If you know how to make it work for you and what benefits airlines can still offer you, there are still good reasons to fly economy.

Value for money. We all know the cost difference between economy and business class or first class is significant. Traveling from Sydney to Singapore and back on economy class can cost you around $1,000, while a business class ticket in the same airline can set you back at almost $6,000. That’s a whopping $5,000 difference. Sure, that amount means certain luxuries, but if you can do without them and still want to be comfortable, flying economy gives you value for money. Look for airlines that score high with their economy class (Emirates, Qatar Airways and Singapore Airlines were ranked the top 3 for 2022 via Skytrax). Their seats on international flights are typically more ergonomic (SQ) and have above-average 32-inch seat pitch (Qantas).

There’s still free food, checked bags. If you know where to look. While you’re considering seats and leg room, know that not all airlines make flying economy an ordeal. There are those that still offer complimentary food and drinks, like Qatar and Air New Zealand. Standard economy tickets typically also allow check in bag that can range from 23 kg (for Virgin Atlantic) to 30 kg (SQ).

Save on short flights. For domestic trips that only keep you in the air for an hour or two, flying economy makes the most fiscal sense. If the In-flight meals, preferred seats, and entertainment from the airline you’re booking means additional charges on top of your rock-bottom economy fare, consider foregoing them if you’re only flying for a short while. Going without them means…

More savings. Saving money when you opt to fly economy means you have more spending money for your holiday. You can use your savings to book a guided tour or a travel organizer. This takes the burden of planning every itinerary of the day to having customized travel experience without you lifting a finger, respectively. Big savings from foregoing business and first class can also mean you can can make other purchases to make your holiday more stress-free. A good and comprehensive travel insurance, which is necessary in any trip, should be on top of your travel-related purchases aside from guided tours and souvenirs. A travel organizer can help you choose the level of coverage you need. (Find more tips on travel insurance, here.)

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